Client Testimonials

"I am very happy with my Knack Team. I would like to point out the Productivity Logs that are sent both daily and compiled weekly are very helpful to me. I am able to identify trends and issues as well as the productivity of each FTE. As our growth is not slowing, I have to change contact names and directives nearly weekly and Knack has been compliant and embraces the changes. Quality issues are welcomed with direction for enhanced efficiency."

Insurance Follow-up Manager,
Healthcare MSO Ohio
Revenue Cycle Management
Being an experienced & a premier organization in healthcare outsourcing, Knack global assures you quality services along with a good return on investment with our revenue cycle management solutions.
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Physician Services
The complexity of the current health care environment due to increasing regulatory requirements, decreased physician compensation, HIPAA and the increase in managed care makes it nearly impossible for health care providers to achieve desired results on their own.
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Hospital Services
With the combined spending on hospital revenue cycle management operations exceeding $ 25 billion, improving revenue cycle and bringing cost efficiencies is amongst the top priority for the Hospitals.
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About Knack Global

Knack Global is a leading healthcare company - a 10 year old business conglomerate with interests in Healthcare Services, Healthcare IT and Enterprise IT & Analytics. To our Healthcare clients we bring Healthcare Domain knowledge Process Maturity, Operational efficiencies and cost containment delivery models that have successfully delivered business benefits to Fortune 500 organizations. Read More


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