Physical & Occupational Therapy Services

Rehabilitative services providers have unique revenue cycle management (RCM) challenges. More than 10+ years history of maximizing revenues and minimizing bad debt for this specialty! We therefore are ready and uniquely qualified to do the same for you!

Under billing is a major threat to your physical therapy RCM:

It’s hard enough to manage the razor thin profit margin of a physical therapy service. Under billing shouldn’t contribute to the problem. On an average PT practice, therapists spend up to 25% of their time on documentation and notes. These treatment details form the heart of every PT code, claim and bill. If done incorrectly, you will under bill, your PT service is exposed to steep reductions in reimbursement and increased denials.

We can help you maximize your reimbursement with our RCM solutions customized for physical therapy practices.

Our Niche:

Our specialists have extensive revenue cycle management experience, conducting patient pay estimates, insurance verifications and pre-authorizations in multiple specialties. They are trained to process procedures and codes whenever you need them.

  • Well versed in the rules and nuances of medical necessity, CPT-ICD correlations and patient clinical trials.
  • Long standing expertise with Medicare, Medicaid, dual Medicare-Medicaid, and other commercial payors in over 30 states.
  • Experience handling prior authorization for inpatient and outpatient surgeries, hospital admissions and diagnostic imaging.
Physical Therapy Preauthorization:

It is estimated 50% of physical therapy patients do not pay their co-pay at the time of visit as they lack clarity. Calculating each patient’s co-pay before their appointment allows you to collect the co-pay when they arrive for their PT appointment, instantly increasing revenue. Knack makes sure that patient co-pays don’t walk out the door, turning into expensive uncollectible.

Pre - authorizations must be quick, professionally obtained so that your patients can begin physical therapy work as soon as possible. Accurate pre - authorizations are essential for the delivery of quality patient care and patient satisfaction.