Transition Plan

The engagement of outsourcing the services to Knack can be divided into five broad phases of transition and steady state with key activities defined in each phase. Steady state phase primarily involves Knack Systems owning up the responsibility of providing maintenance and support for the outsourced applications as per agreed service level agreements.

Knack Global’s transition methodology divides the entire transition into five phases namely:

Transition phase primarily involves the transfer of knowledge from Client’s SMEs to Knack Global in the areas of domain, business, functionality and processes. We follow this phased approach combined with realistic checkpoints and milestones to ensure a smooth transition to accept responsibility for running and supporting the outsourced projects for your departments from our global delivery center.

Key Objectives

  • Ensure smooth transition by efficiently planning the transition process.
  • Minimize the impact on existing services
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Define SLAs & KPIs
  • SOP’s and other documentation
  • Integrate Client and Knack’s processes for transition & Steady State
  • Effective use of Tools and templates
  • MIS & Dashboard formats