Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management​

We provide comprehensive technical and staffing solutions for streamlined revenue cycle management and credentialing.


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Our Solutions

Since 2007, Knack Global has partnered with leading healthcare practitioners to streamline billing, accelerate payments, and remove barriers between patients and providers.

Payment Posting
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Payment Posting

Charge Entry & Charge Audit

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Charge Entry & Charge Audit
Medical Coding Services
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Medical Coding Services

Accounts Receivable

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Accounts Receivable Services
Denial Management Services
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Denial Management Services

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Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Services

Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Services

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Our Revenue Cycle Indicators​

We utilize a comprehensive set of indicators to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your revenue cycle processes. These indicators include metrics such as days in accounts receivable, clean claims rate, denial rate, net collection percentage, and average reimbursement time. By closely monitoring these indicators, we gain valuable insights into the performance of our RCM processes, identify areas for improvement, and ensure optimal revenue recovery for our clients.


Bad Debt

1-2 Days​

Days of Bill​

35 Days​

Days in AR​

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AR > 90



Net Revenue​




Patient Balances​



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Awards and Recognition

Trust and excellence are the pillars of our work. We’re proud to be recognized for our commitment to quality and compliance. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you’re partnering with a trusted provider that prioritizes the well-being of your organization and ensures the utmost protection of sensitive information. Experience award-winning excellence with us today!

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