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How to File an Error Free Claim

Posted on February 15, 2020 | By KnackGlobal

How to File an Error Free Claim

Improving per patient revenue is how healthcare institutions can sustain profits. How this phenomenal task can be made possible? Multiple techniques and strategies are often simple to be practiced.

Have a look at what you must do to improve per patient revenue.

1. Market every resource

The unsuccessful transaction is the paramount reason for driving off any prospective claim. The staff must be an expert in what they deal with. Encourage support staff to gather knowledge about insurance, claims through various platforms.

Embolden staff to stay up to date in their area of expertise. Certifications in relevant specialization need to be done as per the latest insurance guidelines. Ensure, all the efforts are made to prevail in the client’s perspective.

2. Brainstorm with your staff

Each staff of the health care organization influences every patient. This implies every staff member should be aware of the goal and should get acquainted with the competent practice.

For instance, front desk handling, insurance specialization seminars for relevant staff members can lead to satisfied customers. Your staff meeting ought to explain the goal of increasing per-patient revenue.

Get ideas from your staff members and conduct brainstorming, for they too spend an extensive amount of time with patients.

3. Concentrate on customer base

While focusing on new customers, who are there to get immediate remedies, is substantial, communicating with existing and long-time customers too is imperative.

Old customers can give testimonials and generate referrals. New patients are vital to improving per patient revenue.

4. Bring in new service lines

Find new services that can fetch the profit. Hospitals should not look for revenue only from a single source. For instance, including orthopedics and physiotherapy care can fetch revenue without any hiccups.

When adding new programs, it is also essential to check which fetches money. A dozen may lead to loss of money and the major chunk might be from only 50%.

Get the necessary help from the staff members. Educate them on PPR. Working as a team towards the goal helps a lot. When staff members are friendly, patients try to visit for other services too.

Ensure the staff is updated on the current needs of the market, and your technicians are certified. To put it short, all the members should be able to guide the patient at least the basics of your services.

5. Outsource medical billing

A significant task of generating and improving per patient revenue is no use if you do not collect pending revenue. Outsourcing your medical billing tasks means that you are saved from coming up with a specific Revenue Cycle Management System for your healthcare office.

Medical billing companies ensure the end to end services and speedy collection of payments.

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