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Knack Global Pvt. Ltd.: A Leading RCM Solutions Provider in Healthcare Domain

Ensuring Effective Payment Posting in the Medical Billing Process

Healthcare industry is evolving more rapidly than ever before. Policy changes, industry innovation, and evolution of information and technology—all propelled by a swelling wave of millennial momentum—are ushering in a new era of healthcare.Incorporating revenue cycle management processes as part of an overall business strategy has become important.Knack Global is one such stellar facilitator of comprehensive revenue cycle solutions which includesProvider Enrollment & Credentialing, Medical Coding, Medical Billing, Business Consulting & Analytics, and Technology Solutions, serving hospitals and healthcare organizations acrossthe United States.


Knack Global is an ISO 9001-2013 certified conglomerate; standing at the forefront of the healthcare domain. Unmatched flexibility, complete capability in delivering actionable support, innovative techniques of products &automation tools in RCM services is what makes Knack Global unique one-stop destination, offering comprehensive RCM support at best pricing standards.
Founded in 2007, Knack Global earned a renowned image in the market, for its comprehensive domain knowledge, process optimization and operational efficiency. Knack Global has invested resources in building a team and technology that offers cutting edge services in each niche.
Knack Global embarked on its entrepreneurial voyage with a pilot venture through a reference. The Pilot Project was accomplished,with a 100% success ratio.Even though,this pilot project company was later acquired by an organization, which is still partnered with Knack Global, their commendable performance in this project started getting recognized in the market. After the completion of the project, the talented pilot batch team identified scope of DME billing space in Healthcare and gauging on it they emerged as a pioneer in the field over the years. Knack Global is one of the first, to start DME Billing in India, and now are industry leaders in same space. Knack Global has built up its underlying foundations in business with its quality, compliance and consistent approach.

In its years of business, Knack has witnessed a prolific journey, with respect to its services, geographical presence, and technological improvements.

Knack Global offers unique support to all customers, with the help of inbuilt specific tools and products for their usage for automation, with the help of their internal IT team, which further creates a consulting environment, for the clients. They have been referred to Physicians, by many DME Billing clients because of the environment, quality and compliance it provides to customers. Their versatility across all major & emerging practice management systems, ability to offer highly skilled workforce, customized reporting, innovative techniques and automation tools they bring in business makes them a champion RCM company.

“At Knack Global, we believe in authenticity, trust and loyalty”, comments Mr Sharma. Their satisfied customers are the advertisers and word-of-mouth advertising is an essential aspect of their business. Qualified services have helped them maintain relations with clients who were with them since the pilot project. The Pilot batch team has been with them since 2007 and are now in a leadership position in the company providing innate solutions and helping Knack global to grow. They started with a team of 5 personnel in the first project, & over the years they have achieved 80 times growth in the same project itself.


At Knack Global, the mantra of success is “Treating every employee as a human being, not as a commodity”. From the beginning, it has maintained a familiar work culture, helping its employees in every possible way. Employees play a crucial role in the decision making of the Company. Knack Global maintains a transparent communication on all levels and takes heed of every feedback, with respect to all kinds of improvements.

If ideas or viewpoints are found credible, Company incentivizes its employees, for their active participation and make amendments in the policies. Implemented changes are further published and discussed in the Company’s social media groups and group meetings, to commemorate idea and person pushing it. Mr. Sharma acknowledges, “Active Participation in decision Making, discussing ideas, for growth of the company is also a part of employees Major KRAs”.

They follow an approach of Open door policy for communication and believe in employee’s satisfaction as satisfaction breeds success and satisfied employees promote success for organizations. Their Attrition rate has always been less than 3%.

The unprecedented outbreak of the Novel Corona virus has stirred the industrial sphere to the core, but not for Knack. Before the outbreak, Knack Global completed a pilot test run, with Work from home models, automation, contactless workflow and digitization. This preparedness helped the Company serve effectively to its clients and stay ahead of its peers. The innovative approach, readiness, and viable conveyance of administrations, further helped them grow by 20% from existing clientele.

On the other side, Knack took care of its employees’ well-being during this tough period. All expenditures rendering to Work From Home, including initial setups and rentals were addressed, by Company. Knack also launched an initiative, to help its employees by encouraging them to rope in their families so they could succeed in the organization. Employees having more than – 3 years of experience, with the company were asked to rope in their family members. They will be taking care of the well-being of family members along with their training and production. Their deliverables and quality is being verified by the third person in the company, who will be evaluating quality aspect as deliverables would hold major value.

Knack Global took care of the work-life balance of employees amid ongoing pandemic. They have flexi-time policy, and work timings are not rigid. They look after the deliverable and give space to the employee to feel ownership of his responsibility.

The Company also conducted several online events for employees’ recreation during the lockdown. They have a Facebook Group “Knackians”, where they organized several online competitions, like ”Most Memorable Moment at Knack”, where every employee had to describe their unforgettable moments at the Company.“Knack Got Talent-Quarantine Edition” – here employees were asked to post videos of their talent including Cooking, Singing, Dancing etc.

Throughout its stretch, Knack has garnered a significant reputation over the globe. Knack’s proactive performance and uninterrupted service delivery during pandemic have been a great achievement for the brand. For its unrivalled services, Knack has been appreciated, by many clients across the globe.

SVP, Managed Services at Nextgen Healthcare says, COVID-19 has reaffirmed our faith in need, for deep relationships with our global partners. We have been engaged with Knack since 2008, providing us with support across many RCM functions. During this pandemic and period of lockdown, Knack not only demonstrated a proactive approach to ensuring uninterrupted service delivery but also, provide transparency in communication throughout, a true testament to the partnership we have built with Knack over years”.

Vice President, Global Operations and Analytics, Revenue Cycle Management at Brightree says, “Brightree RCM is committed to providing our clients with reliable and effective services, which we do in partnership with Knack, one of our global partners. The proactive and efficient manner in which Knack transitioned to a remote workforce during this pandemic with minimal interruption to our Brightree RCM services was greatly appreciated”.

These positive testimonials highly attribute the efforts of every employee, further giving Knack an upshift in the Global Market. Mr Rajiv Sharma complements Company’s growth saying “Over years, we have built a strong relationship with our clients which has been our greatest achievement”.

In Coming years, Knack is marching to grow with trends and technologies. The Company is foreseeing to upscale their progress in Healthcare Analytics, Inorganic exploration for Growth as well as the use of innovative tools to help healthcare system cut down their costs and improve patient care.

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