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Knack Global is an end to end RCM service expert. We support eye care providers as they scale up, streamline, and deliver outstanding work.

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Expert support for Optometrists & ECPs

Eye care providers are pulled in so many directions, it’s difficult to keep up with regulatory changes, billing and compliance which are becoming more complex.

Your Partner in Optometry Revenue Management

By partnering with our billing services, Optometrists and ECPs can focus on providing exceptional eye care while entrusting their billing needs to a dedicated team with expertise in optometric billing.

Expert Billing Services Tailored for Optometrists and ECPs

As a specialized billing services company catering to Optometrists and Eye Care Professionals (ECPs), we understand the unique billing challenges in the field of vision care. Our expertise lies in navigating the intricacies of coding and billing for eye exams, vision tests, contact lenses, eyeglasses, and other optical services.

Eye Care Providers
Eye Care Providers

We Offer Comprehensive Optometrist & ECP
Services that Include

Complete RCM workflow

As an experienced revenue cycle management (RCM) company, we have developed a comprehensive workflow to optimize the revenue cycle process for our clients. Our dedicated team manages outstanding balances with effective patient billing and collection procedures, optimizing cash flow.

Accurate & efficient Optometric & ECP coding

With a team of skilled professionals well-versed in optometric coding, we ensure accurate and compliant claims submission. We stay up to date with the latest coding guidelines, payer policies, and regulatory changes specific to the optometry industry.

Technology that integrates with your current processes

Our advanced billing software automates various tasks, such as claim generation, coding validation, and electronic submission to payers. This technology integrates seamlessly with hospital information systems, enabling smooth data exchange and reducing manual errors.

Industry-leading insights & expertise

We continuously analyze industry data and market dynamics to provide strategic guidance and identify opportunities for revenue optimization. Our expertise enables us to proactively address industry challenges, such as claim denials and coding errors, to maximize revenue recovery.

How Knack Global’s support can fuel your business

We don’t just do the job — we get it done right.

Top providers rely on our services because we’re more efficient.

- We’re able to refile in 5 business days, so we can turn around the denials most practices can’t get to.

You’re the expert in your practice, Knack is here to empower you.

- We offer consultations to help you grow your practice, identify errors and give you the confidence to address them.

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why leading eye care

Why leading eye care providers partner with Knack Global

Knack Global is a partner, not just an outside vendor.

- You’re the one in control, we work as an extension of your practice.

- We’re invested in you and your reputation, and take an active role in strengthening your business.

Compliance equals profitability — we submit claims with fewer errors, reducing front end denials.

Industry best practices — we’re able to keep current on changing policies and procedures, which means we can get the work done faster.

Revenue Cycle Management

Provider Credentialing Services

Medical Coding Services

Denial Management Services

Charge Entry & Charge Audit

Accounts Receivable Services

Knack Global

Our Solutions​

From claims processing and denial management to accurate coding and efficient billing, our solutions are tailored to optimize your financial performance. Additionally, our provider credentialing services ensure that your healthcare organization meets all regulatory requirements, enabling smooth operations and enhanced credibility.

Knack Global

Awards and Recognition

Trust and excellence are the pillars of our work. We’re proud to be recognized for our commitment to quality and compliance. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you’re partnering with a trusted provider that prioritizes the well-being of your organization and ensures the utmost protection of sensitive information. Experience award-winning excellence with us today!

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