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Knack Global is an end to end RCM service expert. We support medical billing providers as they scale up, streamline, and deliver outstanding work. 

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Expert support for Medical Billing and coding providers

The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented challenges, there’s a struggle to keep up, scope of work is increasing and becoming more complex. Knack Global is a reliable partner, able to take on the detailed, difficult work that medical billing providers need to outsource in order to scale.

We’re experts in medical billing and coding

With our expertise and advanced technology, we ensure accurate and efficient processing of medical claims.

Reduce the pressure, we manage your workload

By outsourcing your medical billing and coding needs to us, you can focus on delivering quality patient care while we handle the intricacies of the billing process.

Hospital Billing Services

We Offer Comprehensive Medical Billing
Services that Include

Complete RCM workflow

As an experienced revenue cycle management (RCM) company, we have developed a comprehensive workflow to optimize the revenue cycle process for our clients. Our dedicated team manages outstanding balances with effective patient billing and collection procedures, optimizing cash flow

Accurate & efficient medical coding

Our skilled team of certified medical coders meticulously assigns the appropriate codes to each diagnosis, procedure, and service, ensuring compliance with industry standards and guidelines.

Technology that integrates with your current processes

Our advanced billing software automates various tasks, such as claim generation, coding validation, and electronic submission to payers. This technology integrates seamlessly with hospital information systems, enabling smooth data exchange and reducing manual errors.

Industry-leading insights & expertise

We continuously analyze industry data and market dynamics to provide strategic guidance and identify opportunities for revenue optimization. Our expertise enables us to proactively address industry challenges, such as claim denials and coding errors, to maximize revenue recovery.

Why do medical billing providers rely on Knack Global?

We’re the experts in RCM, and can offer solutions to both common pain-points and uncommon challenges.

- Top providers rely on our services because we’re more efficient.
- Our fusion of expertise and convenience has made us an industry leader.

- We don’t just do the job — we get it done right.

We have capacity. If you’re looking to scale up, or just get more out of your current workload, we have the resources to provide the support you need.

Why do medical billing providers rely on Knack Global_
What makes Knack Global a trusted leader in RCM_

What makes Knack Global a trusted leader in RCM?

Knack Global is a partner, not just an outside vendor. It means we’re invested in you and your reputation.

- We offer best-in-class data security

Accuracy – we submit claims with fewer errors, reducing front end denials.

Speed – we’re well-versed in medical billing and are able to keep current on changing policies and procedures, which means we can get the work done faster.

Follow through – no more losing payments because time ran out to make the claim. We see it through to the end.

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Knack Global

Our Solutions​

From claims processing and denial management to accurate coding and efficient billing, our solutions are tailored to optimize your financial performance. Additionally, our provider credentialing services ensure that your healthcare organization meets all regulatory requirements, enabling smooth operations and enhanced credibility.

Knack Global

Awards and Recognition

Trust and excellence are the pillars of our work. We’re proud to be recognized for our commitment to quality and compliance. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you’re partnering with a trusted provider that prioritizes the well-being of your organization and ensures the utmost protection of sensitive information. Experience award-winning excellence with us today!

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